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Atlanta Mailbox

Welcome to Southern Post and Box, a family & veteran owned and operated company. Our wide selection of premium mailboxes, posts and accessories coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction have made us the Atlanta area's leader in mailbox sales and installation. Our mission is to provide homeowners with mailboxes that reflect their own tastes.

Quailty Built Mailboxes

Chris, the owner, brings over 25 years' experience in the construction of custom wood designs.

Great Quality and Service
"My mailbox post broke last week. Looked to replace it myself but could not find decent quality or design at large home improvement stores. Found Chris online and am very pleased. Design/quality 1st rate. Installed in 1 hr. Looks great. Highly recommend."

Great Business
"The owner was courteous, immediately returned my phone calls and helped me through the process. He has great quality mailboxes and posts. Worth every cent."
Credit Card Mailboxes
Great Service
"If you want more options than the large home improvement store provides, Southern Post and Box is a terrific alternative. Plus, for a very reasonable price, they will install your new mailbox and post, plus haul away the old one. I had put off replacing malfunctioning mailbox and post for ages because I didn't want to deal with the hassle. So glad I found this company. Highly recommended."
Wish all business experience were this good!!!
"People can say that all posts are the same, but they have never seen one of Chris'. This beauty he installed in front of my house is just amazing. DON'T buy a cheap post from the large home improvement stores that will look horrible in a year! Get with Chris and find out how inexpensive it can be, and how much quality you get from his posts. I am very pleased with his work, follow-up, service, etc".
Great Mailboxes, Great Installation
"Chris was extremely helpful assisting us in choosing a new mailbox. His mailbox selection is the best I've seen in town, and he refuses to stock the cheap tinny style that other home improvement stores sell because of the shoddy construction."
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Atlanta Mailboxes

Like to know more about our materials that we use, please view the video produced by Stephan Beaulieu on our YouTube Page.

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Chris von Dwingelo
Who is Southern Post and Box? Custom Made Mailboxes in Atlanta, GA.

Southern Post and Box, Atlanta, GA Southern Post & Box mailbox Atlanta mailboxes

Atlanta's Choice for quality built mailboxes Call Southern Post and Box today!

Southern Post & Box Quality Atlanta Custom Design Mailboxes and Post

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Southern Post & Box - Quality Custom Design Mailbox Atlanta Post

Southern Post & Box Quality Custom Design Mailboxes and Post Atlanta